hey, I am

Originally from the Czech Republic, I am currently situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Over the past three years, I have dedicated myself to refining online presences and enhancing user experiences for numerous companies through website optimization.


My primary focus has been within the fitness coaching industry, resulting in a portfolio comprising over 300 successful website projects.

My passion for crafting visually appealing designs ignited during my formative years. While initially drawn to fashion design, my fascination transitioned swiftly to the digital realm, where I discovered my passion for graphic design.

My journey as a designer started when I got inspired by aesthetics and a desire to create visually captivating content. This passion steered me towards web development following the completion of my Multimedia Designer studies, driven by an eagerness to diversify my skill set and explore new frontiers.

As a freelance designer, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with clients across diverse industries. These experiences have been invaluable, equipping me with the expertise to understand varied needs and consistently surpass client expectations.

What can I help you with

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