team empower

The main objective was crafting a dynamic website and branding, serving as an introduction to Empower´s team dedicated to empowering women to healthy habits without imposing limitations and encouraging their change.

The project aimed not only to introduce Emma’s coaching program but also to highlight the potential of interactive design and the imaginative integration of elements within the online platform.

*The content, design, or functionality of the linked website might differ from the showcased proposals as I am no longer responsible for managing or controlling its current state.

By blending creativity, technical skills, and a design that focuses on users, the aim was to make an enjoyable and inspiring experience that deeply connected with women looking for empowerment and strength through healthy living choices.


[Custom mobile app]




[stance poster expo]


[Meal & workout plan cover]


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Project specification

landing page, online coaching


Website optimisation, non restrictive dieting


Adobe XD, Illustrator, After effects, WordPress, Elementor


December 2022